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OFFICE POLITICS #3: From the series ‘In which D yet again astounds me’

D: Did you watch that thing with Stephen Fry? (referring to Stephen Fry: Out There, BBC2)

Me: No, but I heard about it.

D: Did you know Stephen Fry was gay?

Me: Er, yes.

D: I didn’t know.

Me: I think you may be the only person in the world who didn’t know.

D: How did you know?

Me: It’s common knowledge, it’s not a secret.

D: I couldn’t tell. He doesn’t look gay.

Me: What does gay look like?

D: He’s not effeminate.

Me: Not all gay men are effeminate. Not all gay women are masculine. Not all heterosexual men are masculine, either.

At this point, L wanders over to join in the conversation.

D: L_, did *you* know Stephen Fry was gay?

L: Yes.

D: How come everyone knew, but me?

L: Everyone knows.

About two hours later I finally point out to D that he has a small bit of glitter stuck to his face.