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Barista Crush Part #3: “Hey”

She is not there. She was not there on Friday either. My coffee is too hot and laced with disappointment.

Last week, the following happens:

  1. She remembers my coffee order before I even say anything. She remembers me.
  2. I ask if she’s studying as well as working here. She is, for a Masters. We have an entire conversation about non-caffeine-related things.
  3. The next day, when I see her, she smiles (that smile!) and instead of saying “Hello, what can I get you?” she says “Hey”. Hey. As if we know each other now. As if I’m not just a customer.
  4. We begin to ask each other how the other is doing, what kind of day we’re having, how we feel about our jobs, the other stuff we’re doing. After each encounter I return to my office grinning.

But today she is not there. And she wasn’t there Friday either.

I shall need more coffee tomorrow, though.

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