Barista Crush #7: Over to you

coffee love

Perhaps I am impatient. Perhaps I am a fool. (Perhaps I just want more to blog about). But I want something to HAPPEN.

She is there again this morning. Looking annoyed until she sees me and her face opens into that huge smile, like she’s genuinely pleased that I’m there. And even though she hasn’t made me a coffee in quite a while, she remembers just how I like it, doesn’t even have to check.

“Hey!” she says

“Hey, how are you?”

“Still alive!”

There is a queue and she’s handling several orders, she doesn’t have time to chat. When she goes back to steaming the milk, her smile leaves her. And I think, hmmm, what now? Should I do something? Should I take this forward? What happens now?

But, but, here’s the thing(s):

  1. She might be resolutely straight. I had a conversation with my mother recently: “I don’t know how you can tell”, she said, I never know when a woman is gay”. “Welcome to my world!” I said. “I never know either. It’s a bloody nightmare!”.
  2. We might have bugger all in common.
  3. Am I just being a total idiot about this and I should just leave it alone and stop poking it with a stick just because people like reading about it and her smile makes me smile and I get a bit excited every time I go to get a coffee and my heart sinks a little whenever she’s not there?
  4. How on earth, if I was to actually, er, I dunno…ask her out or something, would I do that? HOW?
  5. Again, am I being a total idiot etc…?

So. I need your help, Dear Reader. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

Over to you.






  1. Carly

    A strategic approach is required.

    Start going in with items of Queer/Lesbian reference and ask if she has read/watched/attended/sat on 😉

    Why not ask your mother as for what “key indicators” she thinks there are (like a survey – I would imagine “did you buy those jeans yourself?”) and compile a list of questions.

    Slide a flyer for Bar Wotever across the counter towards her whilst saying. “Come play sometime”

  2. freedomwriter5

    Very late to the party. Like more than a year late. I was just searching for tips on how to deal with a crush on a barista. I’ve caught her staring at me a lot, she’s caught me staring at her in equal amounts. A whole lot of sexual tension going on. By the look of it, I’m 80% sure she’s lesbian, and I’m queer (I don’t fit in the lesbian, straight, bisexual categories), but I’m not out yet… and I don’t plan to come out atm. So, I just go there and take a peek at her every 2 weeks when I’m there. For me, that’s all I can do atm… I feel like crap though. I’d like to go out with her.
    Curious if you got to go out with your barista crush though?

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