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I give you words, you give me poetry. Countdown-style.

It goes like this.

In my bag I carry three envelopes. Inside each envelope are little squares of paper. On each square of paper is a word.

One from the top, two from the middle and one from the bottom please, Carol*

Just as the contestants on Countdown choose different sized numbers and use them to get as near to the target as possible, you may choose how many words you would like from envelopes 1, 2 and 3. You may request a maximum of six words. Not all words need to be used.

Leave me a comment with your request and I will give you the words. Once your words have been issued, you have 24 hours to post the resulting poem.

Got it? Great. GO!


These people want your poems

*Or ‘Rachel‘, for you modern types

Spilly over with words

Queer Writers Retreat alumnus Em Fleming blogs about her experience here and publishes one of the brilliant poems she worked on at the retreat. See if you recognise yourself in it 😉

Em Fleming

So on Saturday I went on retreat.

You know, I thought I had a terrible attention span but actually I just needed NO PHONE and NO INTERNET. And to be fed and watered all day like a particularly lazy housecat. I didn’t have to think about anything, and because I didn’t have to think about anything my brain kind of unfolded and all the bits that had been hiding or buried under shopping lists and PE kits and appraisal forms and those knickers (I was wondering where they’d gone) – those bits, they reappeared. So I chased them down and now I have some more poetry to show for it. In fact, I finally have enough for that pamphlet I’ve been banging on about for years. Perhaps you will even be able to buy it at some point this year. Certainly I’m planning to go on retreat again. And I…

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